TREE PRUNING: Tree pruning is an art, not a science.  As a Certified Arborist, I bring science to bear to ensure that the work done on your tree will benefit and not harm the health of your tree. While I no longer climb larger trees, I provide expert aesthetic pruning service for your landscape and fruit-bearing trees, and I can consult with you about all of your trees' needs, regardless of size. I can also help you find a suitable large tree company to provide thoughtful care for your large, veteran trees if needed.

SEASONAL NOTIFICATION:  Some trees are best pruned at a particular time of year, either to protect the health of your tree, or to optimize your tree care dollars!  At your request, I'll notify you when the right time to prune your trees has arrived, or arrange annual maintenance.
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HAZARD EVALUATION/MITIGATION: Peace of mind is a valuable commodity. You have questions about the safety of your tree.  Let me assess your tree and inform you where likely hazards may exist, and what can be done about them.

NEIGHBOR RELATIONS: You’d be surprised how often trees are victim to poorly managed neighbor relations-- and how often homeowners are victim to poorly maintained neighbors’ trees!  I pride myself on this often overlooked aspect of tree care.

TREE PLANTING:  The key to long-lived, healthy and beautiful trees is proper selection and planting.  Mistakes made at this crucial time can compound for years, and can be difficult if not impossible to correct.  I’ll work with you to properly install the right trees for your landscape that will be a growing pleasure for you for years to come.

TREE AND STUMP REMOVAL:  I don't perform large tree removals, nor stump removals. If you have a tree you are considering removing, I can help you make that tough decision, and help you find a safe and reliable tree removal service. I do perform some small tree removals. 

CONSULTATION: No matter whether you are just wondering about your neighbor's tree overhanging your garden, or you have a specific tree issue such as view clearance, sidewalk replacement, or utility line clearance, I can help you with all manner of tree questions and situations. I can provide you with written reports and letters, help you navigate tricky city procedures like tree removal permits or tree protection plans for construction, and more.  Contact me to day with your questions: